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Safer, More Efficient Mobile Workers in Bonnyville & Lloydminster


Protect your workers while tracking and monitoring vehicles — all in real-time. Fleet management in the natural resource and energy sectors is a challenging task. Service delivery, asset management, profitability, and safety are all key issues that companies must address. Managing a mobile workforce effectively requires visibility and insight into the location of your vehicles, equipment, and workers at all times. But, this can be very difficult to achieve when field work is mobile and in remote locations. Telus® Remote Fleet Tracker™ is a fleet management and worker safety solution created in partnership with GEOTrac International.

If you are searching for a fleet management solution, we can help. Call Midwest Communications in Bonnyville or Lloydminster today for more information on GEOTrac and Remote Fleet Tracker™.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of this system include:

  • Improve Worker Safety— Gain peace of mind by knowing the exact location of your workers and make it easy for them to call for help. This solution is Ideal for companies that must comply with work-alone legislation. Improved safety also means direct savings to your bottom line through lower insurance premiums and fewer infractions, such as speeding.
  • Increase Productivity— Route optimization reduces fuel consumption and increases vehicle utilization. Remote Fleet Tracker™ can also act as a mobile computing platform from the truck, giving drivers the ability to deliver office applications and services to and from the field.
  • Map Energy Sectors— Remote Fleet Tracker provides the most relevant and detailed oil and gas road maps available. With energy industry details, such as pipelines, well batteries, and facilities, these maps prove critical in locating vehicles, routing, and ensuring worker safety.
  • Increase Visibility into Your Operations— Gain valuable information with customizable reports. Set geographic perimeters (geo-fences) and be alerted when your vehicles enter or exit the area. Further analyze the reports to help you better manage your vehicle utilization, increase profitability, and uncover additional revenue generating opportunities.
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