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Lloydminster & Bonnyville’s Security Camera & Recording Resource

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Midwest Communications installs security cameras, video management, and storage hardware to businesses in Lloydminster, Bonnyville, and the surrounding areas.


While traditional analog video surveillance systems provided basic monitoring and recording, IP-based video surveillance technology improves the effectiveness of video security with a number of benefits, including:

  • Storage & Management— Digital videos can be stored and managed through the use of standard network equipment and server hardware.

  • Structured Cabling— Structured cabling allows for a flexible, cost-effective installation.

  • Off-Site Capabilities— Since video data can be stored through a server, your recordings can be recorded, viewed, and stored from an off-site location. You can also receive security notifications while you are on-the-go.

  • Scalability— We make it easy to gradually expand your video surveillance system; cameras can be easily added one at a time to your existing setup.

  • Analytic Software— Our systems allow you the option to only record relevant data, such as if a window is broken or a perimeter is compromised. The analytic software can also notify yourself or security personnel when specific threats are detected.

  • Encryption & Watermarking— Your recorded videos can be encrypted and watermarked, greatly reducing the likelihood that your data can be “hacked” or used by a third party.

  • High-Resolution IP Cameras— High-resolution IP cameras help eliminate the need for multiple pan, tilt, and zoom cameras. These can capture up to 16 megapixels per frame, allowing a broader recording area.


Enhance the security of your office, facility, or shop — call Midwest Communications today!


Midwest Communications installs equipment from the security industry’s leading manufacturers. These include notable brands such as:

  • Avigilon

  • AXIS Communications®

  • Bosch

  • GE

  • Milestone

  • NUUO®

  • Pelco®

  • Sanyo

  • Sony

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